Babywearing + My Fave Carriers

After baby number three, I realized the only way to accomplish anything on my to-do list and keep my baby content is by babywearing. But I’ve also realized there is a bit of a learning curve, and it’s not always as easy as some moms make it look.
I am by no means a babywearing expert, but I’m a mom who loves babywearing and I hope that sharing my experiences will help other moms enjoy it as I much as I do.
Here are some tips that helped me figure out babywearing:

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I am breastfeeding in public as I write this- in my two-piece bathing suit at an indoor water park. My family and I are spending the day here at Great Wolf Lodge enjoying some fun and family time, poolside. My two older kids are running around, going down all the water slides, and now my …

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