Solidarity for Moms Who Say NO to Cry-it-Out

You are not alone.

It’s okay that your baby doesn’t self soothe. It’s okay that your baby isn’t independent. It’s okay that your baby needs you to fall asleep and even to stay asleep.

It is okay to say NO to cry-it-out sleep training methods.


Some people say:

  • Your teaching your baby bad habits
  • Your spoiling your baby
  • Your baby is manipulating you
  • Your baby will never learn to sleep on his own
  • You have to let your baby cry to exercise their lungs
  • Sometimes you just have to let them cry

No. Just no to ALL of these.

Helping your baby fall asleep is not a bad habit. Babies cannot be spoiled. Your baby is not manipulating you. Your baby will learn to fall asleep on his own. Their lungs don’t need exercise. And you don’t “just have to let them cry” (with the exception of the moments that you’re loosing your mind, and need to step away from baby to take some deep breaths).

Also, the way your baby sleeps is not your fault.

You are doing everything you can absolutely think of to help your baby develop good sleep habits. You have a routine, the white noise machine, the black out curtains, the humidifier, and the organic crib sheets. You’ve tried the earlier bedtime, the later bedtime, the longer awake time, the shorter awake time, more nap, less naps. You’ve tried it all!

These things help, but YOU are all your baby needs for sleep.

Trust your mama instincts! There is a reason it feels wrong to ignore your baby’s cry. It goes against our biological instincts. (Check out this article from CNN about a recent study on why and how we react to our baby’s cries – it’s so interesting!)

When our babies cry, we know they are crying because they need us, and we shouldn’t have to defend our choice to comfort our own baby!

But in case you are in need of a little science to share with people:

  • Here are six experts who are also against cry-it-out
  • Here is a very in-depth article from Evolutionary Parenting about cry-it-out methods and the effects of the stress hormone, cortisol
  • This article about “The Dangers of Crying It Out” is more dated, but I still find it useful
  • Also, remember that 2016 study that found that cry-it-out isn’t harmful? That study got way more publicity than it deserved. Here Modern Alternative Mama explains it’s many flaws.

However, when it comes to your baby, research studies, experts, your mother-in-law, your great Aunt Lucy, and also the woman behind you in the grocery check-out line do not matter. I repeat, they do not matter!

You are mom! Only YOU knows what your baby needs when your baby needs it. Listen to your baby. Listen to your instincts.

There will come a day that your baby won’t need rocked to sleep, or bounced, or walked, or even snuggled. Then, there will come a day that you realize those long nights of bedtime struggles are over, and you will probably rejoice – you made it! (But don’t get too excited, new parenting struggles will soon arise.) Then, there will come a day that again you realize those long nights of bedtime struggles are over, and you will be sad. Your little baby isn’t so little anymore. You’ll miss the rocking, the bouncing, the walking, and even the laying there for hours waiting for your little to fall asleep.

Your baby is only little for a little while. Enjoy their littleness!

So, I offer you solidarity. I am with you – currently in month 13 of interrupted sleep – and I choose to say no to cry-it-out. I  choose to acknowledge my baby’s cries, feelings, and needs. I choose to comfort him and care for him always.

People are always going to judge, no matter what parenting choices you make. So, you might as well choose what feels right for you.

I truly hope someone out there finds this helpful. Us moms  need all the support we can get. This is an incredibly beautiful, yet incredibly tough stage of life. Feel free to say hi and let me know if you can relate to any of this. Have you struggled with people bothering you about sleep training your baby? How do you deal?

Sending lots of love and sleep to all you mamas out there!

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