Blog income update + Can I really make money blogging as a sahm?

This question has been running through my mind since I started this blog in 2018. The internet says yes, it’s totally possible.

Have you guys ever Googled “monthly blog income reports?” You should- It is so freakin’ inspiring! Check these out:

So, yea these people made money blogging.

But what about me? A college drop-out, with no previous writing experience, stay at home mom for the last 7 years. Can I actually make money blogging?

Honestly, I don’t know know, but I am optimistic and that is why I’m here- here as in here on WordPress writing a blog.

*Although, I would like to note the money and optimism are not the only reasons I am here. I’m also here because I’m a total nerd. I love reading, I love writing, and the library was my first boyfriend.

The real question: How much money have I made blogging the last two years?

Real answer: About $4.00

Yikes. I know that’s a sad number. But I also know that I didn’t put in much effort, or post consistently, and I didn’t do anything really to promote or market my blog. The last two years my blog was just a little side hobby to spend time on if I had a spare few minutes a day, which was really all the time I’ve had to spend on it.

But thanks to COVID-19 (there’s my optimism again 😉 ) I’ve had a lot more time on my hands, so I’ve decided to put it to good use – building my blog.

I’m getting serious about posting and creating quality content. I’m scheduling and writing out a plan, and sticking with it! (This exclamation point feels cheesy, but also sort of necessary to prove my seriousness and enthusiasm.)

With my current blog income at $4.00 how am I so optimistic?

  1. I love writing, especially about the topics here on my blog. So, I know it will be an easy job for me to continue showing up to.
  2. I love the idea that I could be inspiring and helping other moms! Also, I love that I can use this blog to connect with and help other moms, and share my experiences, trials, and triumphs.
  3. I believe in myself. I know that sounds cheesy, but I don’t care. If you have any sort of curiosity or drive to start a blog and put yourself out there, this is a must. You need the determination of a dandelion drenched in Round-Up still growing in the midst of draught.

Going from zero to one is the hardest, they say. But I’m a mom, I’m okay with hard things.

This is just the beginning, and this why I’m writing this post. Because maybe someone else out there is also considering this their beginning. Maybe they’re discouraged and unsure. And maybe they’ll look back at this post and see that we all have to start somewhere.

This is my somewhere.

I plan on doing regular blog income updates. It feels strange to be so transparent on something that I would normally keep so private, but it also feels important to share because I know so many of you are in my place- trying to make money as a SAHM and trying to connect with other like-minded moms.

My hope is that even though I’m small now, in the months to come I will grow and grow and grow. I’ll keep tabs on it here, so you guys can see the growth, see that IS possible. A college drop-out stay at home mom CAN make a six-figure income on the internet (my ultimate goal! I considered saying “steady stream of income,” but the truth is I know I can get those 6 figures). And if I can do it, truly anyone can.

Anyway, you guys feel free to say hi and comment. I would love to hear from you. Do you have any advice about blog growth? Do you want to hear more about my blogging schedule or organization? I was thinking about creating some printables to keep me on track, would those be useful for anyone else? Let me know! 🙂

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I'm a wife and a semi-crunchy stay-at-home mom of three humans and three fur babies. I love reading, writing, and being with my kids. So, I'm putting my passions to work and learning how to blog! Come check it out and let me know what you think!

6 thoughts on “Blog income update + Can I really make money blogging as a sahm?

  1. I love your spirit! It’s really important to remain optimistic even when things aren’t going how you want because your writing will show your despair. I’m proud of you for owning the $4.00 and looking forward 💖

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  2. This is a great motivating post! Thank you so much!!! I haven’t made anything from mine yet but $4 would certainly make me happy! Keep it going momma! I’d love to see updates!!


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