Breastfeeding Update: Month 22-23 + When Will I Wean?

Guys, I am so excited. Only one more month until that two year mark. That magical number the WHO recommends. This was my ultimate breastfeeding goal.

Although, next month I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune because my baby is turning two! Such mixed emotions.

So, what’s new this month?

My toddler’s newest breastfeeding antic is wanting to nurse the “other way.” What is the “other way?” Well, he learned that he can feed sitting next to me, with us in a sort of side by side position. This is now his favorite nursing position because he doesn’t have to face me and he can still see what’s going on in the rest of the room. I’m sure he also loves it because he doesn’t have to lay down.

I will say it’s not the most comfortable position for me, but he usually only wants to nurse for 3-4 minutes because he’s so busy running and playing.

We are still twiddling, and now even playing a new “game” of what happens when I lift mommy’s shirt up in a room full of people. He thinks it’s hilarious. I obviously don’t (although sometimes I have to bite my tongue, because his laugh make me start laughing), so for now I’m just trying to be consistent and let him know I don’t like that.

Now onto the question many have been wondering…

When Will I Stop Breastfeeding?

Ideally, we’ll stop before he’s leaves for college.


Honestly, I’m not sure. Breastfeeding isn’t something you can put a time limit on.

BUT, I really don’t have any solid plans to stop breastfeeding right now. Even at age two breastmilk is still:

  • Nutritious: There is a lot of misconception around breastmilk still being nutritious with toddlers, but it really is still so healthy for them!
  • Comforting: Sad? Mad? Stressed? Nursing will always help an upset toddler. (And please don’t worry that our toddlers will form bad habits and emotional eating, it’s actually the exact opposite!)
  • Relaxing: It’s a great time to slow down, be still, and enjoy some snuggle time.
  • Reconnects: Breastfeeding your toddler will enhance your bond just as much as it did in infancy. In fact, science has found that it strengthens your mama instincts!)

With all that said- nope, I don’t plan on weaning anytime soon.

I have no reason to. It’s also very normal to still be breastfeeding at this age! The actual average age of weaning is 2-7 years, regardless of what society in the US says.

Obviously, freak things happen sometimes. Sometimes health changes, or feelings change, or developmentally our little ones just become ready to stop. But I really can’t say when that might be for me and my toddler. But, I can say that we will stop whenever me or my toddler feel ready to stop.

Any other extended breastfeeding mamas out there? Tell me hi! Let me know your struggles or questions or other topics you’d like to read about. I’ve also been thinking about starting a YouTube channel. Is that crazy??

Have a beautiful day friends!

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P.S. For more occasional semi-crunchiness connect with me on my Insta @semi.crunchy.sahm

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